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Hi Milena, Thank you for overseeing the sale of my apartment.You were of great help in assisting me with all the legal matters and saved me money and time.You kept me informed every step of the way which was very important. I would definitely recommend you to anybody intending to sell a property. I wish you every success in the future. Thanks again!
Hi Milena, I have received the funds. Thank you for all the help you have given me with selling the property. If you ever need me to give you a reference or review of your talents please do not hesitate in getting in touch. Regards!
I would like to take this little time to tell of my experience with Imoti Bansko. First to say that I could only possibly give them 10 out of 10 in every respect of their company.I had been to Bulgaria before but it was my first time to the west side of the country and was very happy to hear when Milena the director of the company said that she would come personally to collect me from the airport in Sofia and then take me to Blagoevgrad where I would be staying for the whole week. something I thought of as a wonderful gesture on her behalf.From the initial contact by email and then phone I knew I was in safe hands. I met her husband the same night and immediately knew that these were genuine people and had no reservations of any kind after that. of course it is difficult to travel to any foreign country and trust other people on the words spoken over the internet. I had good reports about this company before I selected them anyway but to feel first hand is needed to complete something that is important to the individual. I went to Bansko to where their office is situated and was introduced to Milena's associate Elena, whom I found to be completely professional, intelligent and extremely comical, the whole kept me entertained the whole time.Throughout the whole process of selling my apartment, they were kind, informative, more than efficient, and over-helping. During the day of the actual deal Milena explained word for word as it had to be translated for  me, she was so professional in doing so, making sure I understood every detail. After the deal she proceeded to help me while I stayed a few days longer to complete transfers of money and other items I had to attend to.Milena and Elena complement each other which in turns is the hub of what I can only describe as the number one real estate agency I have ever dealt with and that's not only in Bulgaria, to add I have properties in different countries and deal with agencies all the time, and just to finish they all organized a meal together for all who was involved and we exchanged stories and great laughter, an evening I will cherish forever. She brought together myself and my buyers together to enjoy the ending of an old and the beginning of a new. Not to mention that all money transaction was completed to the very cent that I was told it would be. Thank you IMOTI for a great job and I hope to meet you again soon. Farewell for now your friend for life.... NEIL

Why to Sell with us?

The real estate industry is not as easy as buying and then selling, although there are others who do it particularly well. In cases when you are planning to sell your house, you might want to have a third party by your side to help you with the entire process. In fact, it is more beneficial if you have someone to work the papers through rather than do it yourself.

In that case, it might be best if you run your property through Imoti Bansko BG Ltd.

Imoti Bansko BG Ltd., has always been one of the most trusted third party real estate agencies which always gets the job done. They have been providing numerous individuals and families with a place to go whenever they are hoping to sell their house.

In addition, they have provided the same service to various areas in Bulgaria including the following:

  • Bansko
  • Black Sea Coast /St. Vlas, within the Sunny Beach area, Ravda, Nessebar/

Our agents are always ready to get on working and start the process towards selling your house to the best buyer around, although, certain steps may be needed in order to complete the process.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are able to register your property in their website. Included in the registration process is the basic information with regards the house including the address and the size of the place. You do not have to worry about filing all these in one neat file because an application form is already provided by the website for your convenience.

Their next step is to make sure that they are able to acquire a letter of permission from the owners to allow them to access your home for both inspection and for viewing by potential sellers. If ever you entrusted your property’s key, it might also be necessary that the letter is sent to them as well to avoid confusion and conflict between them and our agents.

Pictures of the property are also going to be taken by the agents our agency sends to view the house because these images are going to be part of the advertising that our website will be doing for your house. The images that are going to be used will be sent over to you for approval before our webmasters set your page up in our website.

At least this way, you become an integral part of the entire selling process.

We will be the one’s looking for your house’s buyer, and our agents will inform you once one is found. In these cases, you can decide to go to Bulgaria yourself and personally close the deal or you can send a legal representative to do it for you.

We would like to inform you beforehand that our agency will be taking a five percent commission for properties which are sold in Bansko and seven percent for properties located at the coast.

Selling your property has never been easier. Just visit our website and submit your house’s application and leave everything to your agents. You can relax and wait until we call you.