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“I have never believed that in Eastern Europe there could be a mountain resort like Bansko…
Here the conditions are wonderful … It stands out when something is made with good taste and professionalism.
The most important thing is to find out which ski slope suits you best, because there are a wide variety of slopes in Bansko. The resort is on international level and the International Ski Federation attitude towards it also proves that right. To grant a start to men slalom demands an enormous amount of trust. But this trust has built up for only a few years, which can tell a lot about the resort’s qualities.
The mountain is a tremendous fortune – you just have to learn how to take advantage of it. As we say in Austria: “ A snowflake in the mountain is a penny in the plain” . “
- Marc Girardelli

Through the last years, Bansko has developed into the newest and most dynamic winter resort in Bulgaria. The...

Bansko Property Market 2013


As we know, falling housing prices are bad for sellers…but good for buyers, many see this time as a great opportunity to pick up a bargain in terms of property in Bulgaria. For example, the prices per sq m now are from 270-550 Euros, the higher end of the scale would account for the property being of luxury standard.

The serious buyers know, that buying now is essential, on the verge of a global recovery we anticipate an upcoming early noughties boom coming within the next five years so buying now is key, especially with the prices being so low right now. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your property buying requirements in Bulgaria now!

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