Bansko in winter and Bansko in summer!

“I have never believed that in Eastern Europe there could be a mountain resort like Bansko…
Here the conditions are wonderful … It stands out when something is made with good taste and professionalism.
The most important thing is to find out which ski slope suits you best, because there are a wide variety of slopes in Bansko. The resort is on international level and the International Ski Federation attitude towards it also proves that right. To grant a start to men slalom demands an enormous amount of trust. But this trust has built up for only a few years, which can tell a lot about the resort’s qualities.
The mountain is a tremendous fortune – you just have to learn how to take advantage of it. As we say in Austria: “ A snowflake in the mountain is a penny in the plain” . “
- Marc Girardelli

Through the last years, Bansko has developed into the newest and most dynamic winter resort in Bulgaria. The town, located at the foot of Pirin Mountain, has mountain climate with Mediterranean influence. The town is a fusion of a Renaissance town with his winding cobblestone streets, old houses and churches and a modern spa and ski resort with luxurious hotels, holiday homes and restaurants.

In Bansko and the surrounding areas there are more than 130 architectural monuments, 7 of which are of national significance, and more than 100 archeological sites.

The ski resort is situated 925m above sea level and it is nested among three mountains – Pirin, Rodopi and Rila, which specifies the unique climate: alpine, medium-height and lower mountain climate. The average year temperature is about 9.1 degrees. Of course, the coldest weather is between December to February, and the warmest – between July and August.

Bansko in winter

During the long and cold winter the conditions for skiing and holidays are more than excellent and hotels, and ski runs are full of people.

Pirin Mountain, Bansko Bulgaria

The ski zone, which is above Bansko, starts from 1000m above sea level and ends up to 2560m. There is a road and cable car lift with length of 6315m and capacity of 2400 people per hour. The total length of the runs and the ski road is 75km. The lifts and ski-tows are with length of 27km and transport 24500 people per hour.

230 snow cannons cover up all the slopes. There is an opportunity of night skiing on a lightened road – from Bunderishka poliana to the town. For the little skiers there is a mobile merry-go-round, trains for kids and kinder skiing garden. A special facility for high-pipe gives an opportunity for snowboarding, without disturbing the skiers.

The total amount of slopes In Bansko are 15, numbered from 1 to 16 because the fatal 13 has been omitted. They are – Bansko – ski road (7000m) , Bunderitsa, Plato 1 (1148m), Balkaniada (1792m), Shiligarnk 1 (2047m), Todorka (1690m), Plato 2(1015m), Strajite, Tsurna mogila(2080m), Chalin valog 1 (1429m), Chalin valog 2(775m).

Bansko in summer

Even though Bansko is a winter resort, it is also extremely attractive in the summer. There are not as many tourists as in winter time, however during this time of year you can enjoy the mountain tranquility.

Pirin Mountain – Bansko during Summer

The guests who come during the summer can relax in mountains and enjoy the beautiful nature, fantastic crystal clear lakes, and the peaceful town.

The local government is putting a lot of effort to develop the summer tourism and is doing it with a lot of success.

In the beginning of August a six-day jazz festival is held here. It attracts to Bansko about 2000 visitors. The summer cultural program includes more holidays in May – concerts, exhibitions, performances and other shows. The traditional festival for antique folklore “Mezhdu tri planini” (Between three mountains” has grown into international through the years. It also attracts a great deal of attention and tourists. In the beginning of July a theatre festival is also held with a lot of new performances.

Bansko is also preferred for the business meetings and seminars.

Bansko earned a well-deserved prize for the winter capital of the Balkans. The award was adjudged by some of the leading European tour agents, hotel and restaurant organizations in October 2010. Will it earn a reputation as a preferred summer destination – the answer lies just around the corner?

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