Bulgaria: Things that You Need to Know

Traveling has become one of the more common activities that the public has been keen on doing ever since the advent of transportation. As time progressed, the number of long distance travels has come at an alarming rate, and that is why the need to know about the place you are planning on traveling to is a must.

Bulgaria is one of the common destinations that the public are going to especially during the winter holidays and those who are adventurous enough to go skiing and snowboarding. Knowledge is definitely one’s power when you are a first time tourist. 

In general, safety is an issue in Bulgaria with regards to terrorists and thieves.

Thieves have always been an issue in Bulgaria, especially when it came down to the tourists’ valuables. Most of the times, stealing incidents do occur in the most usual places such as dark alleys and unlit portions of roads. In addition, cars have been intentionally sabotaged by thieves to distract owners from their property which robbers take the chance to steal the same valuables.

Prostitution has never been a crime in Bulgaria; however, there have been reports that prostitutes mugged and steal the properties that the same tourists have with them. That is why it is recommended that these valuable items are left in one’s hotel for safekeeping. Bring only the right amount and never bring something excessive.

Terrorists have also been problem in the country. Most of the times, attacks have been reported in crowded places and in locations where most tourist visit. That is why it is also important to be vigilant wherever you are going.

Health is one of the salient points that the country has been trying to be at par with international standards; however, most of the health facilities in the country has been left behind. On the other hand, private clinics are the complete opposite since most are up to standards, while others have the latest in medical equipment seen only in other parts of the United Kingdom.

Due to the traditional methods implemented in the country, the services being offered by most healthcare facilities has always been cheaper compared to other parts of the United Kingdom. In addition, you may need to acquire a European Health Insurance Card which can be claimed for free. Therefore, with its help tourists will be able to claim the same health benefits that the citizens of Bulgaria are able to enjoy.  

Unfortunately though, there are some hospitals which do not accept the EHIC. As a precaution, it may be important that you touch base with the healthcare facility first before embarking on your vacation to Bulgaria. It is always better to be prepared than regret later on of not being able to.

When traveling to another country, it is always important that you know at least the basic necessities that you need to know especially with regards to health and safety. These two are important in any location that you are traveling to which is why you need to have adequate knowledge as preparation to anywhere that you need to go to.  

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