Skiing in Bansko

The Skiing Region of Eastern Europe.

Every country wants to be labeled for something, and that is why a lot have been looking for ways to get on the map. That is why there are some countries that go for world records no matter how absurd it is.

A certain city in Bulgaria has a certain mark that they can be proud of, and this one is not so absurd. They are considered as the skiing capital of the country. Sometimes, it can also be said that they have the same title for the entire continent.

Bansko is the most famous ski resort in Eastern Europe is their high peaks and mountains which are covered in snow almost all the way around. In addition, they have the facilities which can produce artificial snow so that even during off season, anyone can still go skiing whenever they want to.

In addition, Bansko also offers a lot of hotels and different amenities which makes it more convenient for any of their guest and the tourist who are looking to ski. One of these hotels or resorts is Bansko Resort.

This is one resort that can be skied on for a longer period of time – by the time others parts of the Western world has started spring and the Eastern part going for summer, Bansko is still able to provide their guests with ski sessions. In fact, the town has been considered to have the longest skiing period in the entire country of Bulgaria.

Ski session can start as soon as December 15 up until May 15. That is a span of five months when everywhere else has their snow melting away three months ago. Moreover, there has been a rapid increase with regards to the influx of investment that is coming in to region. This has allowed the town to add more skiing facilities such as resorts and different hotels that could accommodate different tourists that are coming into the town.

They have also improved other facilities necessary for the transport of guests such as cable cars and the skiing facilities itself.

The added amount of investment has also helped other services, especially those which are related to health. Taking into consideration the risks that such an activity involves, this service is very important. The town’s government has added first aid stations along the slopes in order to provide immediate care to individuals who might meet accidents while skiing. This is available for 24 hours, making it good news especially when people are going night skiing, which is also made possible by the lights that have been fitted along the slopes.

Of course, health is not limited to first aid. They have also dental clinics available all over the town for moments when your tooth starts to ache.

Everything can be found in Bansko, and that is why Bansko is the most famous ski resort in Eastern Europe. Not only are they thinking about earning profit with their magnificent skiing region, but also they think about their guests and tourist who has put their faith in the town. 

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