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Polar Opposites: From Ice Going to the Sea

A particular place has always been associated with something throughout the course of history and it has been that label that allows different individuals an opportunity to go around and try out different things and see wondrous places. This is also true when a person travels from Bansko to Kavala; two places which most can consider as polar opposites in terms of the state of the place.

Bansko has been known to be the snowboarding and skiing capital of Bulgaria because of the many mountainous regions where different resorts have been established. However, this is not just because of how many mountains there are, but how high the resorts are.

According to some, they can b as high as 927 meters above sea level. In addition, their ski tracks can be as long as 32 km. In addition, they also made sure that the ski tracks that they have are always prepared for any condition. For example, they installed lights along the tracks in order to make sure that tourists are able to come over and ski even during the night.

In addition, the municipality and the resorts saw it necessary to install ice makers to make sure that anyone can continue having fun skiing through their tracks even when most of the Western world is already experiencing spring. In fact, the skiing season of Bansko has been set to be between December 15 and May 15, and that marks the longest skiing season known to the modern world.

All these installations and improvements made with the ski track in Bansko were made sure by the municipality through investments done by businessmen who sees the place as a good investment. The number of tourists come over on a yearly basis is one of the key factors to that.

Moving to Kavala which is known to be one of the largest and the primary seaport in Eastern Macedonia, its label is attached to the liquid state compared to the solid state of Bansko’s ice.

The history of Kavala always involved the seas where they were defeated and expanded once they were able to reclaim the part which was once taken from them. Back then, their main product of trade was tobacco and many buildings related to the product were made.

Moreover, the seaside port and sights are not the only ones that Kavala can offer. There are different historical sights and monuments established throughout the course of history which the city was able to maintain.

Kamares, also known the old aqueduct, was a bridge that helped transport water into the city. The Castle of Kavala is another example of the things that history left for the modern generation. This is an outstanding structure in the peninsula not only because of its size, but also because of its history. Before the creation of the actual city, it was the castle that held all of its citizens within its walls.

Polar opposites of what they are known for but provide a great comparison and a memorable experience. This two locations which are only 157 km apart, provides you with a diverse experience that you will surely enjoy both in its solid and liquid state. 

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