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Being attached to a certain label is a good sign for any country, especially when it is associated with a particular season. As long as it is not a negative label, any country would take. Bansko is fortunate enough to have one of their own, although, they are just a small town in Bulgaria.

The town is situated in a place where high peaks and mountainous regions made it the ideal place to ski. In fact, because of the steady increase in the number of Bulgarians and tourists coming over to either ski or snowboard, it has been labeled as the skiing capital of the country.

Moreover, the place is also capable of making guests enjoy the activity for almost half the year. Their skiing season can run as much as five months which is commonly from December 15 to May 15.

The ski tracks could total 75 kilometers in length, and the longest that they have installed measures 16 kilometers. In addition, they have lights fixed along the track for those who want to ski during the night. This makes it safer to ski, and to add to its safety features, they have situated first aid station in case accidents do happen along the way.

Snow usually is shaved off when snowboarders and skiers do what they love to do, and the possibility of the snow being removed all the way is high. That is why Bansko made sure that this does not happen by building snow machines along the track as well. This continuously adds artificial snow on the track to keep the snow from running empty.

Dobrinishte is another option for a ski resort located in Bansko.

Moreover, just like other municipalities within the region, Dobrinishte has something in store for its tourist both during the winter and summer holidays. Therefore, you can check in at any time in the resort and you still have things to do. Although, again, just like any other place in the region, they are more famous for their skiing and snowboarding facilities, especially that they are very near to Bulgaria’s skiing capital.

Razlog is another notable ski resort located in Bulgaria, although, this is not as prestigious as Bansko, they still have good facilities that they can offer their guests. They are very near to the tracks that the latter town mentioned has. As a result, they are able to establish their own resort while relying on another town for the skiing.

In addition, the waves of investment have made it possible for them to make a standout of Pirin Golf and Country Club, which is the most familiar in the region.

The last great option for a hotel to stay in once in the region is Bania, and it is still in close proximity to Bansko which makes it a convenient place to stay in if the other three are filled. It is important to have a lot of options, especially during the winter season when most groups would definitely book ahead of time.

Bansko, the skiing capital of Bulgaria will definitely be filled with a lot of individuals, and living accommodations may immediately run out. Having options will help you in finding one in which you can stay over at. You need not to be picky because all these are in close proximity to Bansko.

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