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Bulgaria: Things that You Need to Know

Traveling has become one of the more common activities that the public has been keen on doing ever since the advent of transportation. As time progressed, the number of long distance travels has come at an alarming rate, and that is why the need to know about the place you are planning on traveling to is a must.

Bulgaria is one of the common destinations that the public are going to especially during the winter holidays... read more

Bansko at Summer

Bansko has always been known to be the skiing capital of Bulgaria. There have been constant influxes of guests who are visiting the town to feel the rush of adrenaline, and who would not be when their peaks are one of the highest in the country. However, this does not mean that the place gets boring during the summer. There are a lot of activities which you can choose from.

One place that you can do all your summer activities in Bansko is in Pirin Mountains. It is a great place to... read more

Golf in Bansko

A Life in Pirin Golf and Country Club.

The world of sports is a good way to pass time and in most cases, it is a good way to distract a person from everything that is going on in his life. Sports can already be considered as a great past time. In addition, it can also be described to have a calming effect on the individual, especially with sports which are very focus oriented.

Golf is one of the many sports which may require extreme silence when playing; however, if done... read more

Skiing in Bansko

The Skiing Region of Eastern Europe.

Every country wants to be labeled for something, and that is why a lot have been looking for ways to get on the map. That is why there are some countries that go for world records no matter how absurd it is.

A certain city in Bulgaria has a certain mark that they can be proud of, and this one is not so absurd. They are considered as the skiing capital of the country. Sometimes, it can also be said that they have the same title for the... read more

Going to the sea

Polar Opposites: From Ice Going to the Sea

A particular place has always been associated with something throughout the course of history and it has been that label that allows different individuals an opportunity to go around and try out different things and see wondrous places. This is also true when a person travels from Bansko to Kavala; two places which most can consider as polar opposites in terms of the state of the place.

Bansko has been known to be the snowboarding... read more

About the Area

Being attached to a certain label is a good sign for any country, especially when it is associated with a particular season. As long as it is not a negative label, any country would take. Bansko is fortunate enough to have one of their own, although, they are just a small town in Bulgaria.

The town is situated in a place where high peaks and mountainous regions made it the ideal place to ski. In fact, because of the steady increase in the number of Bulgarians and tourists coming over... read more

SPA and Swimming pools

Options for Spa Clubs in Bansko

When on a vacation, most individuals only have one thing in mind and that is to be able to stay comfortable and relax. It is the only time when they can get away from the hassle of the big city. One of the luxuries that provide comfort is a visit to the spa.

Spas have been one of the mainstays for facilities that provide needed comfort for individuals which provide massages and sometimes can go as much as offering different... read more

Dear Milena, It appears that the sale has finally closed. Many thanks for your help and "keeping us on our toes" I know at times it was not the most straight forward. Should I know of any one who has property to sell in your area in the...

Weather in Bansko

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